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Ecoburner Canada

Single Serve Lifting Handle (for EcoServe GN with Single Serves)

The ‘grab n go’ concept minimizes guests handling of food while allowing for much more portion control meaning less food waste and the continuation of buffet as a method of food service that is more efficient than ever.

Our promise

Switching to EcoBurner significantly lowers the impact on our environment. We work with Carbon Footprint Ltd. to analyse and compare carbon emissions using EcoBurner fuel compared to gel and wick chafing fuels and induction buffets. The latest comparison study in December 2020 showed that in a typical three-hour catering event, EcoBurner emitted just 159 gCO2e while ethanol gel was 723 gCO2e. This is a 78% decrease in carbon emissions. Please contact us for the full reports.