What is the EcoBurner?

A refillable burner that is placed under chafing dishes to keep food warm at buffets. It is used to power the full range of EcoServe but you can convert any chafing dish to be Powered by EcoBurner. It a much safer, greener & cleaner alternative to gel or wick chafing fuels and is changing the way buffets are operating around the world.

Simply swap single-use gel or wicks for EcoBurner.

Improve the safety of your staff, the sustainability of your venue & more!

Enjoy cost savings to! Feel free to contact us with respect to your current usage of chafing fuel, wicks or gels, and we will get back to you on potential cost savings by switching to EcoBurner.

  • Visible wind resistant flame

  • 7.5 hours burn time

  • Cool to touch

  • Extinguishes if overturned

  • Adjustable temperature

  • Lights the first time

  • No fuel spills/no waste

  • Low CO emissions

  • Refillable, no stocking

  • Costs Savings

Our instruction video. Come back here once you've made the switch to get acquainted or reacquainted.