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Ecoburner Canada

Toughened Glass Lid for EcoServe GN

Hinge & fittings included.

This reinforced glass lid includes a soft close hinge that can be adjusted according to the height of the dish being used. It has been designed with a unique, condensation elimination system whereby any condensate is quickly captured, returned to the heat source and evaporated before build-up. This prevents steam dripping back onto the food improving the quality but also giving guests a clear view of the delicious food on offer which adds immense value to the presentation of your buffet. When attached to the EcoServe GN the entire unit can be switched around to use the glass lid as a sneeze guard if staff are members are serving the buffet food to guests.

Our promise

Switching to EcoBurner significantly lowers the impact on our environment. We work with Carbon Footprint Ltd. to analyse and compare carbon emissions using EcoBurner fuel compared to gel and wick chafing fuels and induction buffets. The latest comparison study in December 2020 showed that in a typical three-hour catering event, EcoBurner emitted just 159 gCO2e while ethanol gel was 723 gCO2e. This is a 78% decrease in carbon emissions. Please contact us for the full reports.