A safer environment for all.

Flexibility is a key factor when designing buffets, especially in today’s hospitality climate, where
occupancy rates can vary dramatically. The planning stage of a new hotel or buffet is the best time to design how any buffet will appear and function smoothly. It is at this time that induction buffets are often installed at significant cost but with no flexibility for changes that occur in the future.

That is why it is hugely beneficial to consider EcoServe at this stage. It is completely modular and can be adjusted according to any chef’s unique style, buffet location, or hotel occupancy rate.

There are many other benefits to choosing EcoServe over induction, so we have compared both.

• Fixed position
• If low occupancy, empty induction plates
• Requires electricity & power outlets
• Electric cables can cause trip hazards
• Chefs can’t design buffet layout
• High purchase costs
• High design & installation costs
• High repair & maintenance costs
• Risk for those with pacemakers


Flexible locations
• If low occupancy, may use fewer EcoServe units
No electricity or outlets needed
No electric cables required
• Chefs can design their own layout
• Low purchase costs
• No design or installation costs
• Minimal repair & maintenance costs

Getting ready to open a hotel buffet?

EcoServe is the flexible alternative to induction buffets. The premium presentation units can be located anywhere inside or outdoors, there's no electricity, so no fall hazard from electric cables, and the buffet design can be changed to suit chefs' style, theme, or hotel occupancy level.